∯ The red-head kept his eyes down and away from Caeli’s, much too shy to look him in the eyes right now. He rubbed his arm nervously and drew circles in the grass with his toes. A slow nod of his head before he looked up at Caeli’s lips.

Caeli happily got down to Jaques’ level, kissing him again and holding him tightly.  

"You’re all embarrassed.  How come you always get embarrassed if I so much as look at you?"  He teased.

'I know what I want to do

I want to do


∯ Jaques pinkish cheeks flushed a vibrant shade of red as his lips were pressed against by another pair. His long lashes fluttered, as did his wings. The faerie pulled back and looked down shyly. “You have to warn me first…” 

"It’s more fun when it’s a surprise," Caeli decided.  "So I won’t.  Want another one?"  The wind nuzzled their noses together, staring into the other’s eyes.  He loved everything about Jaques— in his eyes, the Faerie was flawless.

∯ “Rude.” The colorful being rolled his luminescent eyes. He pursed his shimmery lips and crossed his arms. “I’ll only let you do stuff like that if you give me 100 kisses afterwards… and then when you’ve given me 100 kisses you can go do it again, but only after 100 kisses have been given to me.” 

"I think that’s fair," Caeli decided— though he hadn’t even taken the time to mull it over.  He leaned in and smiled at the other’s lips.  They looked so soft and they were a wonderful shade of pink.  He laid a kiss on them, unable to help himself when they were right there.

♓ “Yes..? Er, no?” Mako frowned a little at the question. Of course he hadn’t intentionally allowed people to touch that finger, but it wasn’t something he’d really thought about all the time. He just didn’t want people touching his ring.

“It’s still your finger.” He offered with a smile.

"Good, and this one is still yours."  He nuzzled their noses with a sweet expression.  "What should we do now that we’re together again?"  He queried.  Lapis knew they still hadn’t actually mated, but he didn’t count on that happening for a long time— which he was okay with.

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silva no

♓ “But I have to come back, you’re my mate.” Mako stated, rubbing at his eyes with the hand Lapis wasn’t holding. On the other hand was the ring, as perfect as the day the other had slipped it on his finger. He’d hardly ever taken it off and never left it too far away for fear of losing it.

“I love my mate very much.” He sniffed. 

Lapis smiled softly, holding the other to him still and giving a kiss on the top of his head.  

"I love you, too," he said.  And how wonderful it felt to say it when his other half had been away so long… Lapis raised the other’s ringed finger to his mouth for a kiss as well.  

"You haven’t let anyone touch my finger, have you?"  He asked with a playful smile.  

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There is no bad time. When you feel you must mate… you must mate.

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♓ The shark swallowed a lump in his throat and proceeded to shake with the harsh sobs that tore from his throat. He gripped Lapis like he was the last thing keeping him grounded. 

“I missed you, I’m s-s-sorry!” Mako pressed his face into Lapis’ chest. “I didn’t forget you.”

"I thought you weren’t ever coming back," he said, sounding shaken but relieved.  Lapis shushed the smaller and kissed away his tears.  He had missed his mate so much and now he was here, in his arms and safe… there was no need for the stone to worry any longer.  

He took Mako’s hand to see if the ring was still shining on the finger he’d claimed as his.

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